Tree Removal

Tree Removal in Richmond Hill

PictureTrees offer many benefits, from providing cleaner air to adding beauty and value to your property. Here at Richmond Hill Tree Service, our goal is to help keep your trees healthy, stable and safe. We have a full suite of tree services to help preserve and care for your green assets including expert tree removal in York region including East Gwillimbury, Georgina, King, Aurora, Newmarket, Scarborough, North York, Vaughan and Markham.

Here at Richmond Hill Tree Service, we look at tree removal as a last resort. As tree lovers ourselves, we find ways to preserve your trees as much as possible. However, there are times when a diseased or damaged tree is beyond saving. Sometimes tree removal is necessary especially when the tree becomes a hazard to its surroundings.

Once a tree becomes weakened by rot, damage or disease, it can pose a danger that can damage nearby trees and structures as well as cause personal injury. Weak trees are liable to break or fall during strong winds and major storms causing more harm than good. Sometimes, even healthy trees need to be removed to prevent overcrowding, provide needed clearance and reduce risk to structures.

We recommend tree removal for the following conditions:

  • The tree is diseased, dying and dead trees
  • The tree poses an unacceptable risk to surroundings and people
  • The tree causes an obstruction to structure that can’t be fixed by pruning or trimming
  • The tree is crowding and causing harm to more desirable trees
  • The tree is not well suited to the area and needs to be replaced
  • The tree is located in an area that needs to be cleared for construction

Expert Tree Service in York Region

Tree Trimming Richmond Hill Tree Services provides safe and efficient professional tree services in the York Region. We have certified arborists who can provide a complete risk assessment and identify potentially problematic trees and branches. We can provide you with the information you need including our professional recommendations so you can decide what you want for your property.

Here at Richmond Hill Tree Service we specialize in all types of tree removal. We have the skills, equipment and manpower to safely remove any tree large or small, in any location or condition. Our tree removal team uses their expert climbing and rigging skills, extensive experience and state of the art equipment. We have a collection of cranes, aerial buckets, power tools and safety equipment that allow us to get the job done safely and efficiently so you can go back to enjoying the beauty of your property. 

Contact Your Local Richmond Hill Tree Service

Properly maintained trees are very attractive and can add a significant value to your property. That is why hiring a tree service in Richmond Hill is an important investment that can have significant benefits both short term and long term. Pruning, trimming and tree removal can be dangerous work that is best left to trained professionals who are knowledgeable and skilled to safely working with trees. For expert York region tree removal, contact Richmond Hill Tree Service at 647-490-9067 or leave us a message on this page to get a FREE estimate.