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Welcome to Richmond Hill Tree Service!

Richmond Hill Tree Service is a licensed and insured company providing expert arboreal services within the Greater Toronto Area. With years of combined knowledge, skills and experience, our certified arborists and tree care specialists are here to assist you with your tree and landscaping needs.

We offer a full range of tree related services for both commercial and residential properties, covering small to large scale projects. Our team of tree specialists provide a variety of tree services including tree removal, tree trimming and pruning, stump removal, hedge trimming and landscaping, fertilization and aeration services.
Our goal is simple. We aim to exceed expectations and provide 100% satisfaction by providing expert tree care services and landscaping in Richmond Hill and surrounding Greater Toronto Area.

Why Hire Richmond Hill Tree Service?

We believe that proper tree care is an investment that can yield substantial results not just for your property but also for the environment. Having healthy trees not only adds value to your property by 20 percent, it also reduces energy consumption by a significant margin. The key to having beautifully cared for trees is hiring a qualified Richmond Hill tree service company.

Proper tree care, pruning, trimming and removal can be dangerous work and will require the skills and knowledge of certified arborists. Our team at Richmond Hill Tree Service have the knowledge, skills and equipment to safely provide your tree service and landscaping needs. We are here to help you make sure your property stays beautiful, well-maintained and safe.




Our Promise

Here at Richmond Hill Tree Service, we aim to provide superior tree care for residential, commercial and government clients. As a leading tree service in Richmond Hill, we are committed to providing quality tree services, excellent customer care and honest pricing. Our team will explore all options to keep your trees healthy, properly trimmed and in place.


Quality & Safety

​Richmond Hill Tree Service specializes in caring and removing diseased trees. Our certified arborists and lawn technicians are highly experienced in hazardous tree pruning and stump removals. We use state of the art tree cutting equipment, crane and aerial bucket trucks to ensure that work is done safely and efficiently. As a leading tree removal in York region, our team will make sure all tree and hedge work is done in the safest way possible.


Certified Arborist

Tree care requires a balance between technical knowledge, artistry and a delicate touch. Our Richmond Hill tree service specialists and certified arborists possess all three. Our professional team goes through continuous training about the latest advancements in arboreal practices as well as train on advanced rigging and roping techniques to ensure accurate, effective and safe tree care.

Our Services

Your trees and landscape is a valuable green assets that not only increases the value of your property, but also promotes a clean and healthy environment. Let Richmond Hill Tree Service be you partner in maintaining the beauty, health and safety of your trees.

Tree Removal – Overgrown trees can pose a hazard to your property that is why Richmond Hill Tree Service offers expert tree removal services within the York region. Our licensed and insured tree technicians use advanced equipment including a fleet of aerial lift trucks, cranes and high speed chippers. Our goal is to provide quality tree removal services, safely, efficiently and in a timely fashion.

Tree Trimming – Having your trees trimmed seasonally ensures its good health and longevity. Trimming trees is also necessary to keep your property safe from the risk of falling branches, providing necessary clearance from wires and structures. Here are Richmond Hill Tree Service, we have tree trimming down to a science as well as an art form.

Tree Pruning – We offer regular pruning to help keep your trees healthy and vigorous.  Our tree pruning service takes care of the whole tree canopy by maintaining shape and structure as well as removing dead and diseased limbs. We also provide cabling and bracing to support weak limbs and the tree structure when necessary.

Tree Stump Removal – Do not let a tree stump get in your way! Let the experts at Richmond Hill Tree Service take care of the problem for you. We offer safe and effective tree stump removal, grinding and lot clearing that will clear your lawn in no time. Get rid of that stubborn tree stump and reclaim the beauty of your property. 

Hedge Trimming– Beautifully trimmed hedges is simply a joy to behold. It improves your home’s curb appeal, increase property value as promote your plants overall health. Let our experienced lawn care professionals do all the work for you. Enjoy beautifully green and healthy hedges with Richmond Hill Tree Service.

Landscaping  As a full service York Region Tree Removal company, we offer a range of lawn services including Richmond Hill Landscaping. We can help you manage the health of your trees by providing landscape maintenance to ensure the health of your trees, shrubs, hedges and flowerbeds.

Our Services

Richmond Hill Tree Service offers a full suite of tree care and landscaping services in Richmond Hill and throughout York Region namely Aurora, East Gwillimbury, Georgina, King, Markham, Newmarket, Scarborough, North York and Vaughan. Our goal is to provide high quality tree care services that will keep your valuable green assets beautiful, healthy and safe!

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