Famous People from Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill is one of the biggest cities of Ontario. It has a large selection of stores, recreational areas, restaurants, and monthly events to be excited about. But beyond that, Richmond Hill has also graced the world with its group of famous people excelling on different areas of life.

Curious about the famous people from Richmond Hill? Here are the outliers:

Italia Ricci

Popularly known as the beautiful, cunning, and stylish Emily Rhodes of Designated Survivor, Italia Ricci has truly gunned for success this time around. She hailed from Richmond Hill – a fact not known to everyone. Her simple yet charming appeal will make you wonder if ladies from Richmond Hill possess the same qualities. Somehow, that assumption rings true because Richmond Hill females are cheerful and down-to-earth. So, before you focus on Richmond Hill’s best events, make sure to observe the ladies. Maybe you can spot the next potential Italia Ricci!

Emanuel Sandhu

Figure skating is not for everybody. It takes years of practice and determination to excel in the craft. Yet, for Emanuel Sandhu, the dream is attainable. As the 2004 Grand Prix Final Champion, Emanuel Sandhu can really carry his name. Because of his grace and style, Sandhu inspired many figure skating aspirants from Canada. He also spent his competitive childhood in Richmond Hill. In this sense, you can safely say that Richmond Hill citizens have a real edge at any craft.

Mark & Isai Scheinberg

Pokerstars was once the largest online poker platform and host of the most prominent poker tournament series ever. Behind this greatness are Mark Scheinberg and his father, Isai Scheinberg. This ambitious father-son duo revitalized the online poker industry and earned millions throughout the Pokerstars fame. Well, one more fact is certain: the Scheinbergs came from Richmond Hill. If you want to play poker in Richmond Hill, keep an eye out for your opponent. The next Scheinberg might be sitting across you.

Farley Mowat

As a renowned writer and environmentalist, Farley Mowat has his own share of fame. His most popular books were People of the Deer and Never Cry Wolf (adapted into film). Farley Mowat also has numerous honorary awards and accolades throughout his career. Perhaps what shaped Mowat is his childhood in Richmond Hill. He learned all the lessons which propelled him to become a better man and a resolute warrior of the environment.

Kathleen Wynne

As the former 25th Premier of Ontario, anyone can say that Kathleen Wynne is a born champion. But to be exact, Wynne is a hardworking individual who shaped her career as early as possible. Despite consistent challenges, she has improved the ever-dynamic political landscape of Ontario. Wynne hailed from Richmond Hill – a strong homely trait which shaped her growth as a person.

Final Thoughts

While knowing about the famous people from Richmond Hill won’t create a huge impact for your vacation, you might feel a little proud. And who knows? Perhaps you might even encounter any of the mentioned famous folks in Richmond Hill’s cool events. Now, that’s something that will probably excite you!

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