Annual Events in Richmond Hill Ontario

Every year, Richmond Hill has a wide assortment of events that anyone can attend. These events are meant to supercharge your vacation experience and keep you coming back for more. Instead of visiting the same old destinations every now and then, why not spice things up by checking Richmond Hill’s annual events?

You can start with the suggestions in this article.

The Richmond Hill Cultural Summit

Culture makes a community alive and interesting. Without cultural appreciation, any community will die a slow death and its inhabitants will transfer to a different place. If you have a great sense of cultural appreciation, then you should check out the official annual Richmond Hill Cultural Summit. In this event, you will witness magnificent performances from Canada’s prestigious artists and bands. Since the Cultural Summit is a big event, it’s advisable to pre-register ahead of time. You can even do the pre-registration online to avoid any delays. The Centre for Performing Arts is located at 10268 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Santa Claus Parade

A community’s respect for the Christmas Season can be measured by how deep it appreciates cultural and legendary icons – Santa Claus, for example. Every year, Richmond Hill has an interesting Santa Claus parade where you get to see dozens of Santa Claus floats, merchandise, toys, and even marching bands. There are also some vendors who are ready to sell interesting holiday Canadian trinkets. Truly, this is an event that any traveler shouldn’t miss. The Santa Claus Parade will be held at William F. Bell Parkway and will end at Performance Drive. Don’t forget to bring your friends and family to this wonderful event!

The Ribfest Festival

Do you know what’s better than your average beef choice cut? Hundreds of tasty ribs and rib meals at a three-day event! With the Annual Ribfest Festival, you will definitely have an awesome time and a satisfied stomach. Once you’ve entered this event, you will see dozens of rib vendors, barbecue grills, food displays, and loads and loads of delicious meat. Another exciting part of this event is the judgment period where honorary judges choose the best rib provider. There are also some giveaways to look forward to! The festival will be held at Richmond Green Park along 1300 Elgin Mills Road.

Moonlight Movies

Sometimes, you need to join events that will deepen your appreciation for life and arts. In this case, you don’t have to look far – the Moonlight Movies Outdoor Film Showing will fill that purpose. This important event will be held at different locations all over Richmond Hill. You will get to watch the most interesting movies scheduled according to their popularity and demand. Since the event is free, all you need to bring is a cozy blanket or a foldable chair. Snack vendors are common in the area, but you can bring your own.

Final Reminders

Once you’ve jotted down the important details about Richmond Hill’s annual events, you shouldn’t waste time anymore. Have a final check at your plan and travel to Richmond Hill right away. The city’s annual events will keep you entertained for a long time!

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